Parker Planning Services Choose Multiple Rapport3 Modules

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Parker Planning Services Ltd. is a specialist, qualified and experienced Town and Country Planning & Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy. They also specialise in ecology, environmental, drainage, landscape architecture, transport and more, ensuring they offer all the services necessary to fulfil all of the requirements for a variety of projects. Consultancy services such as planning application, development, specialist surveys and related projects are part of their services as well, so their team always have a lot on their hands.

Dealing with multiple challenging appeals, planning applications and projects simultaneously requires organisation, energy, focus, expertise and experience. To make the most of these attributes, Parker Planning Services have chosen to take advantage of Gekko Email Management. This is designed to streamline email organisation and project management, making internal processes quicker, more efficient and more accurate.

Migrating away from Harvest’s email delivery system, Gekko Email Management Module offers a range of innovative tools that will ensure email organisation is secure, compliant and stress free. Combined with the fantastic Rapport3 CRM Module, this improved efficiency will save Parker Planning Services time and energy to put towards new projects, skills and clients.

Get in touch on +44 (0)208 390 1240 for more information from our expert team or book a free demonstration to see Gekko Email Management first hand.