EcoSystem Solutions Use Gekko Email Management

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EcoSystem Solutions was established 13 years ago in south west Australia and was formed with the incentive to provide individually tailored solutions to ecological problems and issues. Their cores services include ecological mapping and planning, fire risk assessment, habitat restoration/re-vegetation and mosquito surveys and management.

They focus on providing environmental peace of mind through achieving the best outcomes for their clients and the environment, and through EcoSystem Solutions’ quality service and innovation, they have been quickly achieving more projects to work on. This is fantastic for the business’ growth, however maintaining a relationship with multiple clients, as well as bringing in new business for the future, was becoming a challenge for a relatively small team.

EcoSystem Solutions therefore opted to start utilising our Gekko Email Management, which will make their project management easier to keep on top of and more efficient. Providing services such as a powerful search feature, cloud based security, intelligent filing management, one click filing and remote access, Gekko Email Management’s intuitive interface makes interacting with a large number of companies and clients a simpler task. EcoSystem Solutions will consequently have more resources, time and energy to allocate to developing their business, maintaining close relationships and coming up with innovative sustainable solutions for clients.

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