Pricing starts from just £3.33 per user each month, there are no hidden charges as Gekko automatically scales per month depending on the amount of users. You only pay for the storage you use and Gekko will always show you how much storage is being utilised.

It’s that simple!

Option 1: Small Gekko (less than 100 users) £4.00 per month per user Option 2: Big Gekko (more than 100 users) £3.33 per month per user

Plus your total email storage at just £0.25 per month per GB

How much is 1GB of emails? 1GB equates to around 6000 emails (or around 1500 emails if your average email tends to be image heavy with high resolution attachments)


A company with 20 staff would pay approximately £80 for the first month, assuming minimal emails filed. After 12 months, using the example above of 2GB of filed emails per staff member, this would increase to £100 per month (£80 user licenses and £20 storage for 40GB (or 60,000 – 240,000 emails).