Wolff Architects Coming Onboard With Gekko Email Management

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Founded in 1979, Wolff Architects is based in London and Oxford, specialising in providing client-centered, quality architectural design. As a multi-disciplinary practice, they offer a wide range of expertise, experience and knowledge, particularly in high-end residential, retail and commercial sectors. With project conceptualisation, interpretation and client communication at the base of their culture, they pride themselves on covering every aspect of the architectural journey, right up until the final delivery.

With such a wide client base, it can be difficult to ensure all client projects are running at optimum efficiency from the beginning to the end of the process. Therefore Wolff Architects decided to opt for our Gekko Email Management.

Emails are organised by container and if required by category. A ‘container’ is the default name that Gekko uses to identify the ‘folder’ where you want to file your emails. The container can be given any industry specific name such as “Project” for construction or “Account” for design agencies.

Key information about the email, its contents and any attachments are stored in a database for speedy searching. With time and resources being saved within email organisation and management, both within the team and with clients, strong client relationships will be easier and quicker to build and maintain.

Get in touch on +44 (0)208 390 1240 for more information from our expert team or book a free demonstration to see Gekko Email Management first hand.