Large Global Engineering Firm Choose Gekko Email Management

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Robert Bird Group was established in 1982 and since then has grown quickly, now with over 600 staff based across 10 offices around the world. They offer engineering services across 5 disciplines – structural engineering, civil engineering, construction engineering, geotechnical engineering and virtual design/construction. With a philosophy that focuses on engineering design excellence and delivery expertise, they aim to achieve significant benefits for their clients.

Working with a huge array of clients, Robert Bird treat each project completely independently, taking time to understand the perspective of the client and coming up with new and innovative ways to inspire and impress clients. With so many complex projects ongoing, as well as communications between global offices being essential, email management was a difficult and time consuming process.

Robert Bird Group opted for Gekko Email Filing Software over other competitors due to its intuitive and centralised organisation, intelligent filing management, easy email setup and unique cloud based email management. Gekko was created for the AEC industry, so unlike other email management systems, it has features specifically associated with engineering, ideal for the processes that Robert Bird would be performing.

Gekko offers a simple solution to help businesses run more efficiently by solving their email management issues. It provides secure storage to cloud and is easily accessible to teams via desktop, smartphone or other devices. Find out more on the benefits of Gekko, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for bespoke advice or information.