ICA Opts for Gekko Email Management

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We are excited to welcome another client as a Gekko user, ICA Architects

With over 15 years of experience, they are a growing company of over 50 employees, focussing on architecture and interior design. ICA are based in London and Glasgow but work on projects throughout the UK and Europe on a variety of projects.

One main ethos of the company is combining the strengths and passions of individuals to create a strong, well-rounded team that shows expertise in a diverse range of areas. Attention to detail as well as client care and communication are key towards ICA’s approach, so an effective and intuitive email management system was vital.

Gekko Email Management fulfilled all of the company’s requirements whilst also giving them new tools to ensure that email organisation, management, collaboration and security were all at an optimum standard, saving them time and expenses.

If you are interested in improving your email management, get in touch on +44 (0)208 390 1240 or drop us an email at info@cubic-interactive.com.