Gekko gets the thumbs up from Househam Henderson

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Before we launched our Email Management tool Gekko in April 2015, we ensured it had been thoroughly put through its paces with a series of Beta Testing. Feedback is important to us, not only does it give us a genuine insight into how our software works within a business environment, it also a critical component that allows us to continually update and improve. Gekko was introduced to a handful of our clients who were using our Project Management system Rapport3; one of the companies who agreed to take part in the testing was Househam Henderson.

Housham Henderson are a successful 100 strong architectural practice who offer a complete architectural design and implementation service across Europe. With offices in London, Madrid, Paris and Berlin they are a large organisation who were looking for a complete solution by complimenting their Rapport3 project management solution with Gekko.

Easy Integration

Being existing users of Rapport3 meant easy integration allowing all project information to be stored in one place and dismissing the need for separate applications. This meant that for the team there was less time wasted; as Peter Agnew IT manager explained,

“Gekko talks to our Rapport Project Management system to synchronise project and user data, making the initial setup incredibly simple – no laborious data entry, or ongoing management to keep the system up-to-date with our growing project list”

Gekkos unique search function helped to quickly and easily bring clear visibility of projects as a whole,

“Users can search the Gekko database for all incoming and sent items on any project, filed by anyone, complete with attachments.  This means that as people join and leave a project team, that data isn’t locked away in an mailbox, or stored in an obscure .PST or .MSG file on the server, and gives everyone the powerful ability to search for any word, phrase or contact to quickly find messages on a particular topic” 

Gekko also integrates fully with most popular email systems so using it alongside their Office 365 e-mail service, and Outlook 2013 software ensured their  filing and archiving was simple and fuss free.

Gekko and Rapport3

Gekko Integrates fully within Rapport3 Project Management Software



Growing Capabilities

Being early adopters of Gekko, the team have seen the software’s capabilities grow, in particular the outlook plug-in as Peter comments,

“The Outlook plug-in, which automatically files and tags incoming and outgoing e-mail, and uploads it to the cloud-based Gekko database.  The website itself, which is used to search the database, is simple and easy to use, requiring very little user training.”

These days, the ability to work remotely and effectively in any industry is essential but as emails are securely stored in the cloud access to Gekko was possible on any device wherever they were whenever,

“Outside of Outlook, users on iPhones and iPads (or any Exchange/IMAP compatible e-mail client), or the Outlook Web App can also file e-mails by dragging and dropping mail into Gekko’s drop folders, from which they’re picked up and copied into the system automatically.  This doesn’t require a connection between the Gekko server and the mobile device, so there’s no software to install, and no background processes draining the battery and eating up data”

It is crucial to have clear collaboration and communication between the whole team not to mention real time monitoring of all project information throughout the whole lifecycle.  The use of  Rapport3 alongside Gekko Email Manager for high profile Architects such as Househam Henderson means they now have a complete managed solution for their projects and the overall feedback is very positive as Peter concludes,

“We are currently planning to roll out Gekko across our whole business in the UK and throughout Europe”

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