FaulknerBrowns Choose Gekko Email Management Over Competition

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FaulknerBrowns are an architectural practice who focus on providing a diverse range of design and architectural expertise through their cosmopolitan mix of individuals from a range of different cultural and geographical backgrounds from around the world.

With a team of over one hundred architects, designers and technologists, their clients vary in size and sector and their projects range in scale and complexity. As an ambitious company constantly looking to develop and evolve, FaulknerBrowns are constantly reassessing their systems and processes. This led to them converting to our Rapport3 Gekko Email Management system over the initial system they were using, Oasys Mail Manager. After assessing the capabilities of both systems, FaulknerBrowns saw the range of benefits that swapping to our system could give them.

We are excited to welcome FaulknerBrowns as a new client and are glad they can now make the most of our innovative email management system. As well as this, they are now using the Rapport3 Project Costing, Contacts and Human Resources modules. If you think your management systems have limitations or difficult interfaces, get in touch on +44 (0)208 390 1240 or book a free demonstration to see it first hand.