About your free trial

Is the trial really free?+

Yes the ’14 Day Free Trial’ is absolutely free and will allow you full access to Gekko and all Gekko features. There are no hidden prices and we will never take your card details upfront. Sign up for your trial.

What do I do if I want to take on Gekko after the trial?+

You will receive access to your payment portal at the end of the trial where you can fill in your card details. Then you continue where you left off with Gekko. It really is that simple.

What happens if I don’t want to take on Gekko?+

There is absolutely no obligation to take on Gekko after your trial period has expired. However, if  you would like to activate your account fully at a later date just contact us and we can set it up for you.

Setting up Gekko

What are the steps to set up the trial?+

Once you have clicked on the ‘Free Trial’ button on the Gekko website you will be taken to a sign up page, just fill out some basic details and an activation email will be sent to you with a link to login – it’s as simple as that!

Do I need to install anything?+

As Gekko is cloud based you avoid having to download unnecessary programs to your PC. However, if you are choosing to use Gekko with Outlook as your email client, a plugin can be installed to give you help to quickly file emails by displaying a project list, each time you send an email. Replied to emails will automatically be filed if initially raised by Gekko.

Please note: The Outlook plugin only works with Microsoft email servers such as Exchange and Office365.

Do you have support, videos or training available?+

Yes, there is a quick start guide, a comprehensive online manual and a growing list of video tutorials.
Support is on hand for any technical issues via our live chat facility.

Using Gekko

What is a container?+

A ‘container’ is the default name that Gekko uses to identify the ‘folder’ where you want to file your emails.

As part of your set up Gekko gives you the option to save your files as part of a container. Depending on the type of business you are in you can rename the containers using your own chosen terminology e.g. ‘Projects’, ‘Accounts’ or ‘Cases’ etc.


How are my emails organised?+

Emails are organised by container and if required by category. The container can be given any industry specific name such as “Project” for construction or “Account” for design agencies.
Key information about the email, its contents and any attachments are stored in a database for speedy searching. The actual email is stored as a “msg” file in the cloud.

General questions:

Can I work from different devices?+

Yes, Gekko can work from any IMAP compatible email system.

What does that mean?
It means it works with Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Office365, Kerio, Android devices and Apple devices to name but a few!


What can Gekko integrate with?+

Gekko comes with an API that provides third party solution with the ability to create containers, companies and users.

Will the Outlook plugin work on anything?+

The Outlook plugin works with Outlook 2007 or later. The Outlook plugin is a Microsoft only solution, so works with any IMAP enabled version of Exchange or Office365.

Storage, Data and Security

I exceeded my storage. Is it possible to buy some more?+

Gekko automatically scales with your usage and you only pay for the storage you use. It’s that simple!

Is Gekko secure?+

Your data is automatically backed up in the cloud, so there’s no need to worry about the accidental loss of data. Our security certificates ensure that our servers will hold your data securely at all times and that you retain full data ownership. Once your Free Trial has ended, you can seamlessly move it into your business without having to start again. With a competitive monthly rate and no upfront costs required, what’s stopping you?

What is your data backup policy?+

The base server(s) and SQL database back up schedule includes a differential daily backup and a full weekly backup. Backups are kept on a rolling two week basis.

The email msg files are backed up using a daily differential and stored outside of the Gekko infrastructure.

What provisions do you have in place in the event of maintenance, power cuts, catastrophic loss of a data centre etc?+

The IT infrastructure that Gekko is built on is managed by Rackspace plc and details of the service level is outlined below.

What insurance do you have in place to cover you in the event that the service is not supplied as agreed?+

In the event of a catastrophic loss we are insured to the sum of £500,000.

Plans & payments

What payment options are available?+

Gekko is charged monthly, calculating costs based on active users and storage used at the end of each month. Using the online payment portal the charge is taken from your bank credit/debit card or Paypal account automatically.

Please refer to the pricing page for further details


Are there any other fees?+

There is no other charge for Gekko. It’s simple. You pay for what you use.

If I do not use Gekko for a certain period, will my account be cancelled? +

No, as long as you continue to pay your monthly membership your account will continue to stay active unless you tell us otherwise. If you are having trouble getting to grips with Gekko, please contact us or refer to the online help and videos.

How do I change the credit card I use to make payments?+

If you go to your payment portal (details of this will have been sent with your initial welcome email) or as a link from your monthly invoice. Once you have logged in there is an area to add your payment details.

Do you debit my card every month?+

We will debit your payment card every month based on the date your account was initially activated. So if your trial started on 30th March 2015, the first payment would be taken on 30th May 2015.

What do I do to cancel my subscription+

To cancel your subscription we need a minimum of 30 days notice period.