Augmentum, Digital Design & Construction Agency, Opt for Gekko

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Cubic Interactive are pleased to announce that Augmentum, a multi-disciplinary company offering digital processes and technical support to the AEC industry, has opted for Gekko Email Management. Offering a diverse range of digital services including strategy, quality assurance, digital scanning and visualisation, the company delivers cutting edge technology to a huge variety of clients.

Augmentum focus on digital product quality, efficient simplicity and flexibility. Their service is tailored bespoke to each client, so they are constantly working on multiple very unique projects. Therefore they needed a comprehensive project management system to organise their project costings, CRM, human resources and email filing.

With so many projects being worked on simultaneously, it was essential for Augmentum to have an email management system that could create project folders that are visible for the entire project team. This prevents miscommunication and saves time and resources.

We are excited to start working with Augmentum and to explore their business further to see how Rapport3 can transform their company. Cubic Interactive’s email management system, Gekko, works seamlessly with all the modules included in Rapport3, ensuring that all data is consistent. If you think that Gekko or any of our range of Rapport3 modules could help streamline your business processes, give our team a call on +44 (0)208 390 1240 or don’t hesitate to book a free demonstration to experience the capabilities of our system. Rapport3 is customised for each client, so each module is configured to work perfectly with their unique business processes.