Email Collaboration for Architects

Are you an Architect who is looking for a successful and effective Email Collaboration system? finding the right kind of successful system for your business or organisation can be difficult. With the Gekko email management software, you can be sure that you have found the best cloud based email collaboration system available across the internet.

Why should you choose Gekko?

With Gekko, you can be sure of a rare experience with your emails. That rare experience being easy access and hassle free email filing and storage.
Gekko allows you full email management and inbox control; safe and secure storage; a reduced email inbox; integration with most devices, platforms and email clients; Improved team collaboration; Complements your existing QA process; Increased mobile and remote productivity with offline access as well as help to maintain key relationships and improve communications.
Gekko works with Gmail, Kerio, Exhange, Office 365 and Apple to name a few, so you can be sure that Gekko will work for you!

To find out much more about Gekko, visit the website now, try it for free today by clicking HERE.

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