Centralised Email Filing System

Are you currently looking for a successful and top quality centralised email filing system to benefit the organisation of your emails?

It can be hard to keep track of your emails as well keeping them organised, but the frustrations should not have to take up any of your mind or time. If you use the software Gekko, you will be able to focus your mind on more important aspects of your business and work.
Gekko is the latest web based email collaboration tool developed by Cubic Interactive Ltd, a leading independent software company set up over 13 years ago. With first-hand experience working within the industry, the team has a unique insight and understanding in how projects are managed and the problems the AEC industry faces with time, administration and compliance.
People have chosen to use Gekko because of their total email management and inbox control, ease of setup, safe and secure storage, reduced email inbox and the ability to integrate with common devices and platforms. Gekko also gives – improved team collaboration, complements your existing QA process, increase mobile and remote productivity with offline access and maintains key relationships to improve communications.

For more information on Gekko’s fantastic software, visit their website now, and sign up to try Gekko for free!

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