Agenda 21 Architects just made their inbox smarter

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Agenda 21 Architects has been operating in London for the past 15 years, and continues to grow from strength to strength earning a reputation for the calibre of its work.  Agenda 21 came to us looking not only for a project management software, choosing our software Rapport3, but they needed an office that can communicate as a team, and handle email overload, Gekko seemed the perfect solution as their email manager and made their inbox that much smarter.

Agenda 21 make their inbox smarter

Agenda 21 produce inspiring contemporary work that has elegant, practical and cost effective solutions with exceptional quality, and they took the same approach on deciding a software product. Gekko is a simple, quick and powerful solution that helps your business run more efficiently by managing your emails.  Agenda 21 can now centrally group, file and search their emails not just in the office but on any of the devices that they use outside of their office, making Gekko a very practical solution.

We WELCOME Agenda 21 Architects to Gekko!

Agenda 21 Architects also chose our Rapport3 Project Management Software.  If you are considering updating your software then click here to find out more, designed specifically for the AEC Industry.  Rapport3 offers comprehensive tools such as Job Costing, Time Management, CRM, Human Resources and Quality Assurance.