About us

Gekko is the latest web based email collaboration tool developed by Cubic Interactive Ltd, a leading independent software company set up over 13 years ago by Duncan Hartop, Daniel LoGiudice and Blake Edwards.

With first-hand experience working within the industry, the team has a unique insight and understanding in how projects are managed and the problems facing the AEC industry regarding time, administration and compliance.

Cubic Interactive understands the challenges of managing and working with large teams and with the success of their leading Project Management Software, Rapport3, the potential for an email management tool aimed at users across all service led industries was soon realised and Gekko was created.

Gekko offers any professional services industry a simple solution to help businesses run more efficiently by solving their email management issues. It provides secure storage to cloud and is easily accessible to teams via desktop, smart phone or other devices.

Cubic Interactive continues to develop tools to meet the changing needs of their clients within the AEC and other industries. For more information on Cubic Interactive Ltd and the team visit www.cubic-interactive.company